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Holiday abroad without leaving home

Not planning on leaving the country this year, but still want the family to feel like they’re abroad? Here are some ideas for low cost activities you could do to turn your home into a holiday destination.

Have a themed family night

Get busy with the kids in the kitchen and try cooking something from another country’s cuisine. How about rustling up some paella? Or baking a Sachertorte? Or creating a tarte aux pommes? To add to the experience, download some traditional music from your destination country, and have the kids make some flags for your chosen nation. Then gather round and try out your new delicacies – maybe you’ll discover a new family favourite.

Watch a foreign filmSlices of saucisson and spanish salami on the sackcloth

If you’re yearning to hear the sound of some foreign lingo, why not download a foreign language film or borrow one from the library? The French produce a great variety of animated films suitable for children, or older kids might enjoy some German comedy or Spanish drama. Don’t forget, to help you, you can watch with the subtitles on.

Get the app

There are lots of language learning apps available, and many of them are fun and easy to play too. Experiment with a few and find one you all love so you can compete against each other to improve your language skills.

National delicacies

Do some research online to find out what grows well in your country of choice. Then head off to the supermarket to buy and try Dutch asparagus, German plums, and French artichokes. Alternatively find out about and try a range of national foods like French madeleine cakes, German salami and Italian olives.

Cultural exchange

Many companies look for host families for foreign teens in Britain. Often, they will pay a small daily allowance or expenses for your hospitality. This is a great way of engaging in a cultural exchange – whilst you show someone around your home country, you get to practice a foreign language, find out about their customs and culture and maybe even make a new friend.

Whatever you’re planning on doing this year, at home or abroad, LSS wishes you a fab summer holiday.


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